Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wrong Bra size and Health issues

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Major Health Issues caused By Wrong Bra Size 

Hey Beautiful Girls, I am here with the new Topic which contains the Useful Information on the Side effects cause by Wrong Bra size.We have come across the many Women who don't bother about her bra size and keep continue the Old bra with the loose or Tight fitting but they don't know that she is Inviting the So many Types of the Diseases and the many side Effect by just wearing Wrong Bra Size.

As mention in the our blog almost 80% of the women wear Bra with Wrong size and Inviting the several effects and the diseases and the side effects caused by the Wrong Bra Size are as follows:

Health Issues caused by Wrong Bra Size

  • Back Pain - If you are wearing the Wrong Bra size then get ready to face this Problem cause this is the common Issue Fouded in the Women that they are suffering from the Back Pain But they Don't know that the Bra with the Wrong Bra Size may be Responsible for the Back pain.
  • Shoulder Pain- As like the back pain this the common Issues that the women talking about is the Shoulder pain . They Don't know the Reason behind it and neglect it and search for the Reasons of the Shoulder Pain/Back pain and solution to overcome it.But the answer is with them only but there is a need of Guideline.
  • Bad/Poor Posture- I am feeling shame on the girls who are suffering from this effect due to the Wrong Bra size. you are wearing Bra for the Maintain the Shape and size of the Breasts and the If you get the Bad Posture because of Wrong Bra size .you should think upon it twice.
  • Neck pain - Neck pain generally leading to the headache and the due the headache you can't do any job Properly and get confused and Depressed and little bit Angry Also.So you have to make sure that you are wearing a Bra with the Bra size that do not cause Neck Pain.
  • Breast Pain- This is the Obvious that If you are living the Home which is not comfortable with you then Either you leave that house or get tired of the House and hate it . the same phenomenon is applied in the Bra and Breasts. If you will wear the wrong Bra size then the Breasts will not be comfortable with the it and it will Leads to the Breast pains due to wrong Bra size.
  • Skin Abrasions- If you are wearing the improper Bra size then there are a chances of the Skin Abrasions which will aafect your skin around the breast and Bra areas.
  • Failure of the Lymph nodes-This the major issue fouded in the women wearing the Bra with the small cup , (i,e small bra Cup) . Actual issue is the Failure of Lymph nodes to Drain Property.
 This is a list of Major health Issues cause by Wrong Bra Size , so our Team humbly Request to all the women to wear a bra with the fit size and If you don't know How to Determine a Bra size then Our Team has already served a recipe for you . enjoy it Step By Step Guide to Measure Bra size.