Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bra Size Tips and Tricks

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Bra Size Tips and Tricks 

As we have mentioned in our Previous Posts that Almost 80% of the women wear wrong Bra cause they are not sure about their Bra Size and which may leads to some  diseases even Breast cancer too. It is not our aim to scare you but we are informing you that you should be well aware with your Bra size and choose those Bra which are perfect for you.

Almost Bra's have 3 hooks in the back.Whenever you purchase a new bra then it is common that it is fit in the loosest hook. As the time passes and bra gets older and Stretchy you may attach a new hook for make it more tighter. (If needed).

Band less Bra or the wireless Bra are more flexible as compare to the Wired Bra.because they get adjusted as per the need when such a situation is happened where as there a chances of stretching of the band of bra or a wire of Bra whenever you have wore it.

Bra sizing is the universal over the world but the bra size may differ from brand to brand and the country to County so we are recommending you to check out the Bra size Chart for more details about the Bra Sizing.

Whenever you are going to Purchase a new bra we recommend you to check out the bra size and then go for shopping.If you don't know check out How to Measure bra Size Step By Step. and go to shop and try the Bra on your Breasts then make a final Decision to buy or not.

Don't be under the Impression that your Bra size is Fixed. Due to the many Reasons like hormonal changes,mensuration,breast feeding,weight loss or weight gain your bra size may get affected So it is advisable to Measure the bra size Before you buy it. 


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